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Every Person on the street has his or her own story.

Some were private tutors before, some had led dance troupes, some were "The Big Issue" vendors in the streets, and some had played different roles in temple fairs...

Yet as time moves on and society changes, personal predicaments have driven them to become street roamers.

In every large city, the homeless are a group of people who are often ignored by your average city dweller. Many people in the city would simply pass by and seldom spend time to talk to them and understand their world. Although they appear in various corners of the city, they are often ignored and treated as invisible by the general public. No one cares about where the homeless individual comes from, or where their destinations are in their walk of life.

After two years of preparation. In May 2019, SoCO has partnered with Homeless Taiwan Association to present “Homeless – Life Stories in Hong Kong and Taiwan” Exhibition to allow the public to take a detailed look at their stories through these fading images.

After the grand exhibition, their stories keep circulating via small exhibitions hosted in venues with characters.


Society for Community Organization
Homeless Taiwan Association




Life Stories of the Homeless

Life Stories of the Homeless

Society for Community Organization

Life Stories of the Homeless in Taiwan

Life Stories of the Homeless in Taiwan

Homeless Taiwan Association



Monga Jip Tsun Lobby

Monga Jip Tsun Lobby




Taipei City



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A Fictional Home

A Mobile Home

The Heyday

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