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Limited copies are available at exhibition

Life Stories of the Homeless

Life Stories of the Homeless

Photography Album (Bilingual in English and Chinese)

Photography by Lei Jih-sheng

​Text: Kim, Ha, Irene Chan, Chio Hip Tong, Chan Yau Nga Alpha, Stephanie Yang

Limited copies are available at exhibition

Also available in official website (Shipping to Hong Kong only)

The homeless, a depiction of living.


The identity as a homeless aside, there are multiple aspects of their lives that have not been discovered. In Hong Kong, Some were the Teresa Teng (a famous Chinese singer) of Yau Ma Tei who still enjoy singing a lot, some have been the favourite bar attendants of their bosses, some were serving the locals well on an island, some are football coaches, influencing others’ lives and their own through the popular sports.

The heyday for them might have passed. The heyday for them might be now. Everyone has got their heyday.


Life Stories of the Homeless in Taiwan

 (Chinese version only)

Author:Win-Shine Lee

Photography by Ching-Wei Lin, Yang Yun sheng

Illustrator: Jiang

​​Published by Guerrilla Publishing

Limited copies are available at exhibition

Life Stories of the Homeless in Taiwan

★ Award winner of Golden Tripod Awards for Publications
★ Award winner of Taipei International Book Exhibition - Nonfiction

In every large city, the homeless are a group of people who are often ignored by your average city dweller. Many people in the city would simply pass by and seldom spend time to talk to them and understand their world. Although they appear in various corners of the city, they are often ignored and treated as invisible by the general public. No one cares about where the homeless individual comes from, or where their destinations are in their walk of life.


In order to promote greater awareness to the general public, Homeless Taiwan Association has together produced and published a book with writer Lee Win-Shine. Through Lee’s interviews with the people, the book documents the chronicles of ten Taiwanese homeless individuals of various backgrounds; including former military soldiers, businessmen and merchants, blue collar workers, convicts, gang members, and people with disabilities. Each story brings to life their journey from “home” to “homeless”, by providing insights to their past, their present daily life on the streets as a homeless person, and what their outlooks and hopes are for the future.

Through these stories told from homeless individuals, and the social care workers themselves, the reader will start to appreciate and comprehend the causes and reasons for the homelessness in Taiwan and help provide a better understanding of how social structure and social changes affects each and every one of us.

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