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展覽場所 / Venue



Monga Jip Tsun Lobby


No. 228, Guiyang St., Section 2, Wanhua Dist., Taipei City, 108

展覽期間 / Duration

展品解說 / Exhibition Texts

沿著貴陽街走往河岸,是舊時艋舺港口的所在也是台北城市發展的原點,日治時代因此得名「入船町」。2016 年入船廳在這承載許多古老回憶的老城區成立,期許成為台北第一街的客廳 ,一個所有人都可以在這自在交流的空間。

If you walk along Guiyang Street toward the riverbank, you will find an area where the old harbor of Monga used to be. It was called Irifune town in the Japanese colonial period, which was aptly named as Irifune means “where the vessels enter” and pronounced as jip-tsun in Taiwanese. It is also the place where the urban development of Taipei began. In 2016, the Monga Jip Tsun Lobby was established in an old brick house in this historic district. We hope that it can become the neighborhood’s living room where everyone can feel free to connect and interact with each other.

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