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The Heyday


Hong Kong

數年前成哥曾走投無路, 經朋友介紹入馬檻當(臨時)持牌人,500元一日包食住……更包被捕。最近經社工協助,當起長洲街道清潔工並入住工作宿舍,在颱風「山竹」過後為島民清理了不少樹木…… / 攝:雷日昇

A few years ago, Sing had no choice but to work as a licensee of a brothel (temporary) introduced by a friend. Paid $500 a day with meals and accommodation provided... inclusive of being arrested. Recently, with the assistance of social workers, he worked as a cleaner on Cheung Chau’s Streets and stayed in workers dormitory. He cleaned up many trees for the islanders after the typhoon "Mangosteen"... /Photo: LEI Jih-sheng

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