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The Heyday


Hong Kong

2006年在文化中心找到雄爺,當時社工邀請他參與無家者足球隊集訓3個月,可惜他太嗜杯中物以至未能入選出征「無家者世界盃」……過去十多年,他仍是老板喜愛的水吧及外賣伙計。 / 攝:雷日昇

Hung was found in the Cultural Centre in 2006. At that time, social worker invited him to participate in Homeless Football Team training for 3 months. Unfortunately, he was too addicted to alcohol that he failed to be selected for the "Homeless World Cup"... After more than ten years, he is still the boss’s favorite bartender and takeaway helper. /Photo: LEI Jih-sheng

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