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A Fictional Home


Hong Kong

丁大哥於澳洲逾期居留10年而被遣返回港,社工於2018年在快餐店認識他並向他介紹清潔工,他愛工作但更喜愛賭錢,令人驚訝是他最近入住廁所樓上的閣仔竟要2500元租金。 / 攝:雷日昇

Ding overstayed in Australia for 10 years and was repatriated to Hong Kong. A social worker met him in a fast food restaurant in 2018 and introduced him to the cleaner job. He loves his work, but he loves gambling more. Surprisingly, the little garret he recently stayed costs him $2,500 to rent. /Photo: LEI Jih-sheng

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