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對比相 - 1

越南朋友阿山曾用心打理橋上不同的植物,唯政府封橋後,不准任何人使用卻沒有表示會有任何用途,在水馬罅縫中只見「花兒也謝了」。阿山也只能無奈地到附近的公園露宿。 / 攝:雷日昇

Before & After - 1

The Vietnamese, San Gor, used to take care of different plants on the bridge attentively. However, after government closed the bridge, no one was allowed to use it, and it wasn’t indicated for any use neither. Faded flowers was the only thing that can be seen by peeping through the cracks. Shan, helplessly can only go to the nearby park to sleep. /Photo: LEI Jih-sheng

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